Zayn Malik Goes On Expletive Twitter Rant Telling Fans To ‘F*** Themselves’

Oh, Zayn.


Zayn Malik has gone on a bit of an expletive rant on social media, which then began with him telling people to go and ‘f*** themselves.’ Lovely.

He told his followers: “How about you all go f*** yourselves with your irrelevant bulls***.

“This ain’t a place for feelings. And you aren’t the person you said you were.”

It’s unclear at the moment who Zayn was aiming at with his rant, but it’s safe to say that he’s pretty miffed off with someone right now.

Fans then rushed to check on the singer, questioning whether or not everything was alright with him and who had upset him. One follower wrote: “Hey legend? Chin up & don’t let anyone hurt you! You are strong, STRONGER than you think. We love you and we always will.”

Another said: “Zayn, I love you I really hope you’re okay.”

It’s the first time that the singer has spoken out since the end of March, where he also issued an apology to fans for ‘venting’ after saying he was actually pretty happy at the moment.

Hoping everything’s ok, Zayn.

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