YouTuber James Charles Branded ‘Racist’ By Fans Over Instagram DM

The drama begins

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The trend of YouTubers putting their foot in it continues to cause a media storm. This time, James Charles has been branded “racist” after a private Instagram message has made its way online.

In reality, Charles has fallen victim to a prank from fellow YouTuber Jovan Hill. In a particularly scathing joke, Hill appears to have faked a DM from Charles that ‘showed’ the makeup star calling him a “n**er”. Hill shared a screenshot on March 12, showing the unopened message from Charles containing a racial slur.

Charles was unimpressed and responded: “This is absolutely not funny, delete this immediately or my lawyer will be in contact.” It was too late though and Charles’ name was soon being dragged through the mud on social media. Elsewhere, there was a flurry of memes mocking Charles for saying he was going to sue Hill.

Hill was suspended from Twitter, but soon took to Instagram to share his beef with Charles. Joking about the whole situation, Hill wrote, “I’m never gonna get over white people thinking you can sue for everything.” Whether it was a joke or not, Charles fails to see the funny side of it.

James Charles Jovan Hill

Just like last year’s debacle when old tweets resurfaced from the likes of James Gunn and Kevin Hart, Charles will undoubtedly know the cost of being caught in this kind of scandal.

Posting on Twitter, Charles said, “It’s scary to me that there are actual people on Twitter who crave attention so badly that they make fake screenshots to try and ruin other’s careers and lives…It’s not funny.”

Even now, Charles can’t help with feeling the backlash of Hill’s prank. Pretty much every tweet he’s posted since has included someone’s reply of, “This is absolutely not funny, delete this now or my lawyer will be in contact!”

Opinions are split on whether Charles needs to lighten up or whether Hill was completely out of order. Something tells me, this won’t be the last we hear about the pair locking horns on social media.

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