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You Can Now Wrap Your Tiny Tot In A Baby Burrito Blanket

Keep them ‘wrapped’ up

Baby Burrito Featured

If you’re a self-confessed foodie and don’t know how to combine your love of eating and your love of kids, a new baby burrito blanket lets you do both.

Let’s celebrate all the wonders of Mexican food and bow down before the behemoth known as the burrito. No matter how you have yours, the burrito is one of the best Mexican dishes out there.

If grabbing one for lunch or throwing a Mexican-themed dinner party isn’t enough, you can now dress your baby as a burrito.

The brainchild of Katharine Harlan Owens, the Brooklyn-based genius hand cuts and sews each of these Burrito blankets. The swaddling burrito blanket comes from UncommonGoods, is recommended for babies up to four months old, and costs $48.

Baby Burrito Blanket

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it also comes with a matching hat. Well, it certainly bets Poundland’s ‘sexist’ babygrow. Rebecca Roache is a senior lecturer in philosophy at Royal Holloway University in London and claims the babygrow encourages young boys to be “sex pests”. Writing on Twitter, Roache said: “It’s never too early to start training boys to be sex pests, eh @poundland? #everydaysexism”.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Roache explained her stance on the issue: “It sends out this message that boys will be boys – they can just run wild and do not need to take responsibility for their actions or whatever they do. It is a subtle message but implicitly there is a sexual context to it that men dominate women.”

She continued, “It is just inappropriate and sends out a misogynistic message when they cannot even speak or walk yet.” However, not everyone agreed with her. One person wrote, “I think it’s cute. There are far worse things going on in the world than implying your child is handsome.”

Another angry commenter said: “F**k right off with this shit! Don’t buy it if you don’t agree with it! Sick off all this snowflake pish! You DONT need to be offended by EVERYTHING”.

If you’re a little older and still want to dress like a burrito, Zen Life is selling a giant version for just $44.95. Sadly, the blanket is currently sold out so you’ll have to wait until its back in stock.

Basically, burritos are great and no one should ever turn down the chance to dress like one. Now that’s settled, I’m off to swim in a giant bath of nacho cheese!

[Featured Image: Pixabay/UncommonGoods]

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