You Can Now Buy Personalised Slippers that Look Exactly Like Your Dog

Messenger If you love your pet so much that you wish everything you owned looked like them …read more


If you love your pet so much that you wish everything you owned looked like them – you’re not alone.

Although one thing you might not have considered is your slippers. Yep, those furry, squidgy, feet warmers (aka your pet) can now been emulated in the form of home footwear.

A company called Custom Clones has created the incredible product.

Cosmo reports that if you’re worried that the handmade slippers won’t resemble your pet, the company guarantees 100% satisfaction or you can get your money back. And that’s pretty handy as the slippers are $199 per pair. The 14 reviewers so far have given an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 stars though, so it sounds like you’ll be okay.

It takes eight weeks for them to be made and then delivered, but you can pay an additional fee to get them in six, four, or even two weeks.

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If slippers aren’t your thing, you can also get teddies…


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I’m not even sure how to say this BUT apparently “The Mom” had me cloned, you know like that sheep, and she named him “Little Henry”. I guess he’s going to be my little buddy FOREVER… Ok, if this isn’t a hold the phone moment nothing is. This guy walks in here, technically he came in a box, and look at us…We are wearing matching bandanas. What the heck was mom thinking…I’ve got to hang out with him, share my name with him, wear matching bandanas with him BUT I’m putting all four paws down on this one, he is absolutely not sleeping in the same bed as me and my mom. I draw the line on that one. Has mom lost her mind…TO BE CONTINUED. Little Henry was created just for me by #cuddleclones AND these beautiful matching monogram bandanas are from @dmdogfashions #twinboys#twin#mylittlebuddy#littlebuddy#newbrother#twinningtuesday #excellent_dogs#gloriousgoldens#goldenoftheday#dailygolden#goldens_ofinstagram#goldenretrieverlove#goldens#dogdays#puppypalace#goldenretrieverpuppy#dogofinsta#goldenretrievergram#goldensofinstagram#cutedogs#furbaby#doggie#weeklyfluff#goldenretrieverworld#retrieveroftheday#retrieversgram#dogs

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Payday can’t come quick enough.

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