You Can Now Buy Matching Bathrobes For You And Your Pet

*Immediately pulls out debit card.*


There’s nothing better than spending a nice evening chilling with your furry BFF, but now snuggle time just got even better, because a company on Etsy has officially started selling matching bathrobes (or dressing gowns/house coats/dressing robes for whatever part of the world you’re from), and they look SO cute.

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[Photo Credit: The Posh Paws Company]

The Posh Paws Company specialises in cute little coats, pyjamas and NOW matching dressing gowns for your pets. You have to buy both sets separately, with the owner robe costing between £36-£46, and the pet robe costing just £20-£30 depending on the size of your pooch. You can also get the robes custom designed to your pets, or your initials.

[Photo Credit: The Posh Paws Company]

Sounds amazing, right? If you wanna get your hands on one, then you can find them right here. If you’re also in the business of kitting out your pets in more matching outfits, then you may wanna check this out.

How about if that good little boy by your side is sporting a collar that matches your jewellery?

That’s right, we have your attention don’t we? Just for the record, they’re available for cats too, should you be that way inclined.

FriendShip Collar

The guys at FriendshipCollar are the masterminds behind the product that we may or may not have ordered in the space of writing this article.

“FriendshipCollar was built on the foundation of love and friendship and has been inspired by best friends everywhere. Your constant companions deserve the very best. Whether you have a feline friend, or a canine chum, our matching collars & bracelets symbolize the powerful bond between you and your pet, they represent your past, present and future adventures together.”

Friendship Collar

For the earth-friendly amongst us the products are completely ethical too, becoming the world’s first PETA approved vegan pet products.

Discussing the ethics behind the company Tracy Reiman, Vice President PETA had some pretty impressive feedback.

“While the logo is fashion-focused, we have granted FriendshipCollar special permission to extend its use to its matching cruelty-free dog and cat accessories that help shoppers avoid cruelly produced leather items. PETA is elated to know that compassionate companies such as FriendshipCollar choose to sell cruelty-free accessories and provide consumers with the assurance that no animals were harmed.”

So cute.

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