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You Can Now Buy A Shower Shield To Keep Your Make-Up Intact

This is amazing!


Picture the scene: you’ve had a full day in work and you’ve got home. Your hair is a bit greasy but apart from that you’re looking good. Then, your best friend asks you to come on a night out.

You have three options: 1) Don’t wash your hair and go out with it looking greasy. 2) Have a shower, but then you have to redo all your make-up and you’ll be late. Or 3) Stay at home and eat crisps.

Before now, you’d probably always choose option 3 because, let’s be honest, it’s the easiest thing to do.

However, now a company called SHOWRSHIELD has blessed our lives. The contraption goes around your head and protects your face while you shower.


This is also ideal for anyone who has just had facial surgery OR microbladed brows. As many of you will probably already know, you can’t get your new brows wet after having them done.

The SHOWRSHEILD costs $14.95 (£11.77), is essentially a plastic shield which is secured to the head with velcro before you jump in the shower.

Sheridan Elle, who founded SHOWRSHIELD, told PRETTY52: “I started this company after standing in the shower countless times using my hands as a makeshift shield in an attempt to protect my previously applied makeup (that took me a considerable amount of time and not to mention money to apply) from getting ruined,

“It quickly became part of my beauty regime and saves me countless times when i’m in a rush or just want a shortcut in getting ready.”


She added: “It works great for the aftercare and maintenance of recent facial surgery, microblading, and eyelash extensions. Taking care of your procedures post-operation is not only critical but also something that should be done with ease and worry free when healing.”

This is an incredible invention and I need one immediately.

You can get one here.

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