You Can Actually Listen To The Recordings Your Amazon Alexa Makes Of You

Heads up, she records you a LOT.


Amazon Alexa owners know by now that to be able to respond to you in a prompt fashion, she is listening at ALL times, but did you know that you can actually listen back to all the times she recorded you?

Firstly, you need to open you Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet device and press Settings. Next, click Alexa Privacy and scroll down to Review Voice History.

You can change the time period in which you want to find specific recordings, and then tap the arrow in the right hand corner and hit the play button. One good purpose of this is finding out what you said that ended up making Alexa pipe up without being summoned prior.

If you are now wanting to check your own history, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

First of all, open the Alexa app:


You’ll be greeted with this lovely welcoming homepage. Click the menu option in the top left-hand corner.

When you get to the menu, select ‘Activity’.


Then, you’ll see all the commands that you’ve said in the past. If you want to hear what you’ve asked for on the Spotify requests, click it for more info.


Click ‘more’ under your command…


And then simply press ‘play’! Now you can hear everything you (or anyone else) has said to Alexa.

There have even been stories of people who have found out their partner cheated on them after listening back to Alexa recordings. No seriously, we even wrote about it once.

So if you’ve got something you don’t want anyone to find out about you, or just generally you don’t like the idea of Amazon listening in to your conversations and recording them at all times, you may want to occasionally turn off your Alexa.

[Featured Image Credit: Amazon]

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