Woman Shocked After Man Demands She Sends Money Back For Drink

He sounds like a catch

Money Drinks

The dating world can be a perilous place, and I’m sorry to say, there can be some right b*stards out there. Proving this fact, one girl was recently shocked when she met a man in a bar and was asked to give him money for the drinks he bought her.

20-year-old Chlo Matthews was stunned by the bizarre exchange. Although she originally hit it off with the man and they exchanged numbers, Chlo couldn’t believe it when the next day, the man known as “Danny” asked her to foot the bill.

He text her saying “Nice one ;), can you transfer me for those drinks I bought you last nite since we didn’t go home togeva wasn’t really worth my time was it lol x”.While his spelling was enough to make your toes curl, I’m frankly gobsmacked he even had the balls to question her.

Rightly rattled, Chlo wrote on Twitter, “Chlo Matt is officially retiring from nights out”. The tweet understandably went viral, currently sitting at with 9,736 retweets and 64,986 likes.

One person wrote, “His mum must be so proud”, while another mused, “He sounds like the sort whose dad should have pulled out”.

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