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Woman Finds Out Partner Is Cheating After Listening To Alexa History

Wait… you can do this?!


A woman who checked her Alexa history found out that her partner had been cheating on her.

She posted in a Facebook group explaining the whole story, saying: “Who knew Alexa recorded everything you ask her to do? Because I f*cking didn’t,

“Just checked the history and surely enough I heard his s**nk asking her to ‘play love songs’ in my living room while I was away with the kids.”


Facebook users quickly began commenting to give her support. Although a couple of people didn’t know that you can hear the actual recording of someone’s voice when you check the history.

One person commented: “Like I’d be thinking the same as you but maybe he was thinking about you and missing you and played love songs?”

The original poster explained that she heard the woman’s voice, saying: “It’s deffo a girl’s voice, she likes Ellie Goulding too [laughing smily face].”

If you are now wanting to check your own history, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

First of all, open the Alexa app:


You’ll be greeted with this lovely welcoming homepage. Click the menu option in the top left-hand corner.

When you get to the menu, select ‘Activity’.


Then, you’ll see all the commands that you’ve said in the past. If you want to hear what you’ve asked for on the Spotify requests, click it for more info.


Click ‘more’ under your command…


And then simply press ‘play’! Now you can hear everything you (or anyone else) has said to Alexa.

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