Woman Accused Of Shooting Boyfriend For Snoring Too Loudly

Someone’s grumpy in the morning

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Next time you feel like smothering your significant other for keeping you up with their snoring, spare a moment for the poor man who was shot by his girlfriend for exactly that. Everyone needs a good 40 winks, but one woman reportedly couldn’t handle her boyfriend’s snoring and proceeded to shoot him in the armpit.

Similar to those Snickers adverts that say “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, depriving someone of sleep is a surefire way to put them in a foul mood. However, the odd cranky morning can usually be fixed by a cup of coffee and doesn’t require you to blast your partner with a shotgun.

ClickOrlando reports that a 47-year-old woman from Florida is accused of shooting her boyfriend over his late-night rumblings. The site reveals how Lorie Morin was arrested on the charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery. Although authorities originally thought she’d shot him by accident, the Brevard County Sheriff’s office says that Brett Allgood has a different story.

Lorie Morin
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

After being stretchered away, Allgood reportedly told the police how a row had escalated when Morin said his snoring was bothering her. Allgood was found in a pool of blood at the foot of his bed, and although he is now in a stable condition, it could’ve ended very differently.

Morin told arresting officers the pair had been drinking Captain Morgan rum and playing cards. She alleged that the gun accidentally fired and hit Allgood in the armpit when she was moving a heavy box. Allgood gave his account while receiving medical attention, maintaining that Morin followed him into the bedroom and aimed a shotgun at his head.

According to his affidavit (via The Daily Mail), Allgood said he “heard a loud boom and woke up lying in a pool of blood with excruciating pain coming from his right armpit area.” Reinterviewing Morin, her story changed and she now claims Allgood tried to get the gun off her when it discharged.

Brett Allgood

Neighbour Samantha Bobier said, “I’ve talked to her a couple of times and she’s always been really nice, and so the news is kind of shocking on it, honestly. To hear that it was over him snoring is kind of shocking. It’s kind of crazy.” Robert Mason added, “It’s so stupid, so bizarre that I can’t imagine that kind of behavior.”

The story continues: “It should be noted that while Ms. Morin was in the interview room, she attempted to show emotion by covering her face with her hands and crying, but she never shed a tear the entire time during any of the interviews.”

Morin is currently being held at Brevard County Jail without bond.

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