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WKD Is Bringing Out A Dark Fruit Flavoured Alcopop

The new alcopop will hit stores in March.

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If you’re a fan of a Dark Fruit flavoured cider, then you’ll be pleased to know that WKD has decided to up their drinks offering by including a dark fruit flavoured alcopop into their mix.

The new drink will be 4% ABV, which is the same as the current WKD drinks that are on offer (such as blue, pink gin), and will be sold in 270ml and 700ml bottles in March this year.

While the official prices of the new drink are yet to be confirmed, judging by their current products it’ll likely set you back £3 for a 700ml bottle.

This is the most recent release from WKD, who last year excited the world with the announcement of their pink gin-flavoured alcopop.

As always, if you’re enjoying an alcoholic beverage, please make sure to be DrinkAware.

[Featured Image Credit: WKD / SHS Drinks]

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