Wife In Shock After Discovering Her Husband Is Secretly A Gay P*rnstar

Good luck explaining that one

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We’re all likely to get a few nasty surprises as your partner’s past unfolds, but imagine waking up to find out the man of your dreams is secretly a gay pornstar. Cue some very red faces!

Posting on Reddit in the Relationship Advice forum, the anonymous woman from America revealed how she discovered her husband was a gay pornstar.

She wrote, “I was watching porn while my husband was asleep. I clicked on a random video and it was definitely him. His face was fully visible, several unique tattoos. It was him. I knew without a shadow of a doubt this took place after we were married because he had the goddamn ring on!”

She explained how she exclusively watched gay porn when she was in the mood, but was left “furious” and “disgusted” by what she found. “He had unprotected sex with multiple men,” she continued.

“All I could think of was STDs. I didn’t sleep last night. I called off from work, too. First thing I went to a free clinic to get checked. I haven’t been home since. I don’t think I can f**king look at him. I’m so f**king angry.”

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Updating her original post, the woman claims she confronted her husband and he said it’s all to do with a meth addiction that “turns him gay”. Instead of being a one-off, this has been going on for months as he regularly meets men off Grindr. She rounds off with saying she’s going to tell his mum and send screengrabs to his boss. As a final goodbye, she ends the post with, “F**k you, Brandon”.

Redditors were divided when it comes to what she should do next. One wrote, “Yeah. No. Lawyer. Divorce. No contact. Preferably in that order”, while another suggested, “I agree with you that there is no going back from this. I’m the same way. Once you cheat on me once that’s it, I’m done with you forever because I will never trust you again.”


Team Brandon redditors said, “Ik how are people so uncaring, this comment sections is a bit sad. People dont understand addiction ig”. Another said, that she should try to talk to him to get through his addiction.

Finally, some called the whole thing out as fake: “These posts are ridiculous and people keep falling for them. I don’t know why people want “karma” so bad, but it must be worth something.”

Whether it’s true or just one person’s desperate attempt for Reddit upvotes, the idea of discovering your husband is cheating on you as a gay pornstar isn’t something you’d wish on your worst enemy.

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