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We’ve All Been Eating Pineapples The Wrong Way And People Are Shook


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Just when you think you’ve got your life sorted, BAM, someone comes along and makes you look like a right idiot. This time, it looks like we’ve been eating pineapples wrong this entire time. What would the man from Del Monte say?

In my opinion, pineapples are only good for drinking Piña coladas out of or as affordable housing for underwater sponges. I once had a boyfriend that looked like one, so maybe that’s why I’ve been put off.

Imagine if someone told you you’d been using the toilet wrong or were tying your laces incorrectly. Up there with the same level of “mind…blown” revelations, one man is explaining how we should be eating pineapples.

Cutting and eating pineapples can be just too much for our busy schedules — which tends to be why most of us head to the canned version for our fix. Let’s be honest though, chopping the rind off and slicing a pineapple into bitesize chunks is a challenge most of us just aren’t willing to accept. That’s before you even get into how sticky you end up.

A clip filmed on the TikTok app has started going viral as an anonymous lifesaver shows an easier way to prepare the tropical treat. In the video, the person is seen simply twisting lumps of pineapple off and presumably avoiding a lot of the usual mess.

It didn’t take long for the footage to make its way onto Twitter. Lewis McCluskey shared it on the social media site and simply wrote: “I’m sorry but what the actual f***”. After this, bemused humans expressed their shock and awe.

Since posting the original clip, Lewis’ tweet has been shared over 44k times and got nearly 140k likes. How old were you when you learned how to eat a pineapple? I was today year’s old. The big question still remains though, is it ever OK to put pineapple on pizza?

[Featured Image: NBC/Nickelodeon]

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