Wetherspoons Now Officially Sells Halloumi Fries For £3

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Praise the lord, because the absolute babes over at Wetherspoons have gone and made dreams come true. They’ve only gone and added halloumi fries to their menus, and they sound DELICIOUS.

I’m gonna be completely honest with you all, I don’t remember how and when halloumi became such a huge part of everyone’s lives. It just sprung up out of no-where, didn’t it? But now, it’s a staple and it does not look like it’ll be going anytime soon. Not as long as big branded restaurants and supermarkets keep jumping on the bandwagon and making halloumi into delicious treats.

Whether it’s a halloumi burger, halloumi milkshake (probably doesn’t exist and sounds gross but people would legitimately drink it) or fries, if it’s on the menu it’s a guaranteed big seller, so it’s no wonder than Spoons’ has decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Teased on their menu for just £3.10, they come with a sweet chilli sauce, fresh rocket and are pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. Personally I don’t think you actually get that much for your money, but then again halloumi is a very rich cheese – so after the first three you’re definitely feeling pretty full.

So if you’re a huge fan of halloumi, next time you find yourself in your local Wetherspoons, you should order yourself a plate to go alongside a jug of cheeky Vimto.

If cheeky V isn’t your thang, Wetherspoons also recently announced that they would be including some pretty exciting new flavours into their ever-growing collection of newly introduced tipples. A Manchester-based company recently moved into a brand-new territory, and it’s certainly paying off.

Credit: Instagram

How incredible does that look?! The thing is, it also looks pretty rare. Like it’d only be sold a hipster shop in the Northern Quarter. If you thought this, you would be wrong. As Wetherspoons has just announced that it’s now available there. Can I get an ‘amen’?!

Speaking exclusively to PRETTY52, a representative from the company told them: “All Wetherspoon pubs across England, Scotland, Wales and NI (approx. 900 pubs) are now serving Sweet Violet from Zymurgorium Gin Co. The drink is always served with a mixer. From Wetherspoon’s viewpoint it is an extension of its wide range of gins.

Credit: Zymurgorium Sweet Violet

The price of it has not been announced, as it apparently varies depending which pub you stagger into. Or walk.

However, a full bottle of the stuff would set you back £25.89. So whatever price tag Spoons puts on it is bound to be a lot cheaper. It’s bloody Spoons.

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