Wetherspoons Is Selling A Festive Pigs In Blankets Pizza


Whoever gets the absolute pleasure and joy of coming up with weird and wonderful menu item ideas around Christmas time, I absolutely love you. Thank you for gifting us with delicious treats that we never even knew we needed in our lives until now.

One of those is the ever-lovely, Wetherspoons. Ah yes, if you’ve lived in the UK for any amount of time then you’ll know that Spoons is an absolute staple if you’re wanting something simple, effective and cost efficient. The food is tasty enough, and the alcohol is perfectly priced to get a couple of pre-drinks down you without breaking the bank.

But their latest edition to their menu is what I’m really here to talk to you about today, and that is a FESTIVE PIGS IN BLANKETS PIZZA.

Wetherspoons Is Selling A Festive Pigs In Blankets Pizza For Christmas

I know, it looks as delicious as it sounds. The pizza comes with sliced Brie, cranberry sauce, and rocket on top, and then obviously finished with pigs in blankets, but there’s even more. If you don’t fancy the pizza, and think hmm I just want a big ol’ load of piggys in a blanket to gobble on this Christmas, then you can – as Wetherspoons has also released a side sharer of seven pigs in blankets with cranberry sauce.

You can also buy seven pigs in blankets served with sweet cranberry sauce as a side dish. (Credit: Wetherspoons)

Prawn fans will also love the fact that you can now buy a prawn and avocado wrap, and also a typical prawn with marie rose sauce salad. But the absolute creme de la creme of the Christmas menu is their dessert offerings, which sound absolutely delicious. Baileys bread pudding, and Lotus Biscoff marshmallow stack.

The pub chain has also released two new festive desserts. (Credit: Wetherspoons)

The Bailey’s bread and butter pudding is topped with chocolate and custard, while the Biscoff stack includes delicious brownie and marshmallow to round off the delicious treat.

I don’t know about you, but I’m rushing over to Wetherspoons right now. You have until Christmas Eve to enjoy as many of these as you can!

Katey Roberts

Katey Roberts

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