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Wetherspoons Is Now Offering A ‘Make-Your-Own’ Breakfast

I’ll take an entire plate of beans, please…


Wetherspoons is officially trialling a new ‘build-your-own breakfast’ feature in 100 stores nationwide, which means if you are a fan of hash browns you can just get an entire plate of them.

Options to choose from include everything from your standard British fry-up such as sausages, bacon, eggs, hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast.

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JD Wetherspoon

All you have to do is pick your desired seven items from the app, and hey presto – your breakfast is tailored to your needs.

The fry-up should cost you just £3.65, but may vary in different stores around the UK. Just some of the guaranteed participating branches include  Manchester’s The Paramount, Watford’s The Moon Under Water, Morecambe’s The Eric Bartholomew, Preston’s The Grey Friar, and The Furness Railway in Barrow. Obviously there’s a lot more, but you’ll have to pop into your local Spoons to see if they’re offering the trial.

As with any trial, as long as it is successful, it’s very likely to be rolled out to EVERY branch. So if you live in these areas, or know anyone that does, get them to go and enjoy as many as possible so that those less fortunate can eventually get the offer rolled out to them.

Just as you’d imagine, the news of a make your own brekkie have left the Twitterverse very happy.

One user wrote on Twitter: “So spoons now do a make your own breakfast, this means I can just order a plate of 14 hash browns.”


While another added: “Yes, we may be on the brink of WWIII but… Wetherspoons are now offering a build your own breakfast so there’s no loss really.”

And a third said: “I’ve just been alerted to the fact that spoons now do a build your own breakfast. What a great day.”

[Featured Image Credit: Wetherspoons]

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