Westworld Season Three Will Be Returning To Screens In March

An official release date has been announced.


Great news for fans of dystopian robot-fantasy, Westworld, as HBO has announced that the popular show will be returning to screens March 15, 2020.

It’s been almost two whole year since season two aired, but the first trailer for the show’s third season promised exciting new cast members – so hopefully the wait was worth it.

Speaking about the upcoming plot lines for season three, show creator Jonathan Nolan said: “When we started, Westworld was a dystopia, and now, three seasons in, it’s kind of a best-case scenario. The form of AI we have on the show is thoughtful. Murderous, but thoughtful. I think we’re headed into the world of artificial stupidity.”


Actresses Tessa Thompson and Evan-Rachel Wood struggled with some of the questions that were asked due to ‘not knowing what they were allowed to give away”, however when asked about her character Delores, Wood managed to reveal that: “Her interactions with Aaron [Paul] kind of make her challenge her assumptions about humanity.”

And of course, the exciting trailer, which was first premiered five months ago at the San Diego Comic Con, gave fans their first official look at Aaron Paul’s new role as Caleb in the dystopian series. When he was first asked about his new role, Paul revealed: “I’m tripping out that I’m here right now, I’m such a psychotic fan. I was shell shocked and star struck,”

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