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Walkers Is Bringing Back Two Iconic Wotsits Flavours



Wotsits are an iconic part in British crisp history, and while its cheesy staple is the one most people reach for, it once had a brother and sister flavour – which Walkers has officially decided to bring back into the offering.

Starting from Sunday 12 January, shoppers will be able to head into their local Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s and grab themselves a bag of Wotsits that will not just include Really Cheesy, but the iconic flavours Sizzling Steak and Flaming Hot.

That’s right, Walkers has brought them back from the dead, and starting from this weekend you can officially taste your childhood by enjoying the exciting new-ish flavours.

Speaking about the launch Nick Day from Walkers  said: “People have been reaching out to us non-stop on social media to bring back our iconic flavours, so we’re pleased to announce that Wotsits Flamin’ Hot and Sizzling Steak will soon be back in their hands, kicking off the year with a bang.

“The new range has been given a flavour makeover to what was previously known as ‘BBQ’ and ‘Flamin’ Hot’ but still maintains that classic taste fans will know and love.” 

People are bound to be ecstatic over the news, as there have been multiple petitions floating around over the years begging for the former Wotsits flavorus to come back.

Walkers – you just made my 2020. I’ll be heading straight down to my local Tesco on Sunday morning to get a taste of nostalgia!

[Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Walkers]

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