Village Communities And Towns Left Devastated Over Extreme UK Flooding

With more rainfall due over the next few days, thousands of people will be affected by flood devastation.


When natural disaster strikes, it’s always the smaller communities and locations who are left out in the general world discussion, and left to deal with the consequences of devastation alone.

Credit: Tina Nicholls Highley

It’s been heavily reported of the turmoil residents of the West Midlands are facing, especially focusing on more well-known locations such as Shrewsbury, Bewdley, Ironbridge and even Worcester – but smaller villages and towns are suffering equally at the hands of the devastation, and the voices of those residing in these smaller dwellings, aren’t being heard as loudly as they should be.

Headlines highlighting the horror at the River Severn’s ability to breach barriers and flood defences are forgetting one important factor – a lot of the affected communities aren’t even lucky enough to have ANY form of protection from the over-flowing river, making them victim to any and all flood damage without any prior prevention tactics.

As someone who grew up in Highley, a small village in Shropshire known for its coal-mining heritage, it’s unspeakably heartbreaking to see my local community torn away from their family homes due to flood damage, with small home-grown businesses at risk of losing everything they’ve worked generations to build.

This should never be a discussion of ‘well, it’s worse in XXX’, but instead the reminder that behind every natural disaster is hundreds of human beings whose livelihoods won’t easily recover.

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