Viewers Disgusted By YouTuber Who Kissed His Sister ‘For A Prank’

Incest level: Jaime and Cersei

YouTube Kiss

The internet can be a dark and creepy place sometimes, so if you haven’t had your breakfast yet, it’s probably best to stop reading now. One YouTuber has left viewers disgusted and shocked in equal measure when he posted a video ‘kissing’ his ‘sister’.

Over on HBO’s Game of Thrones, the likes of Jaime and Cersei/Jon and Dany like to keep it in the family, but this is real-life and not something you’d expect to find while scrolling through cutesy cat videos. This comes after Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett appeared on Loose Women and was pretty peeved that the panel brought up the fact he’s married to his own cousin.

The 52-year-old Chaser appeared alongside his wife, 27-year-old Katie. However, things got really awkward when they were asked by host Andrea about the fact that they are actually second cousins. Mark tried to waffle about being a bachelor and change the subject: “I was so used to being on my own, and as a bachelor, you’re used to being selfish and doing things for yourself…The big struggle is having to do things for someone else.”

Prankster PrankInvasion is behind the sister video, and to be honest, I’m still not really sure why it’s even a thing. After Chris Monroe followed his sister around the house, he then asked her for a snog. Why she agreed is beyond me, but hey, if it gets the clicks. Being brutally honest, ‘KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK’ deserves all the capital letter in its title.

Before they locked lips, Chris told his 3.7 million followers, “This is gonna be really weird but I owe you guys something big so hope you guys like it!” Fair play to them, they really go for it during their game of tonsil tennis.

Watching anyone kiss like that would be uncomfortable enough. Sure, PrankInvasion is usually staged (I’m guessing this is as well), but that doesn’t make it any better. Her acting is about as good as Halle Berry’s in Catwoman, so don’t give up your day job love.

As you can imagine, the comment section was well worth a visit. One wrote, “‘You asked for this.’ literally nobody asked for you to kiss your sister”, while another mused, “The only video that I’d actually want it to be clickbait”. Someone even came up with an idea for a sequel video: “Next video is ACCIDENTALLY SLIPPED MY D*CK IN MY SISTER PRANK!!”

It turns out that she’s actually Chris’ half-sister, but still, I don’t think that makes it any better. The fact that you highlight the word “sister” in the title of your video should be enough of a red flag. Even if PrankInvasion Chris is known for kissing people in his videos, you should probably draw the line somewhere.

[Featured Image: PrankInvasion YouTube/HBO]

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