Urbanara’s Giving Away A £1000 Room Makeover And We All Know A Key Worker Who Deserves It

Do you know anyone who deserves it?


With the world still very much in lockdown, it can sometimes be hard to force yourself to continue on with your normal day-to-day tasks, especially if you’re doing them in the same location.

Sometimes, we just need a little feng shui to get the creative juices flowing – but that costs money, and money is something that we all are probably holding onto.

Which is why Urbanara has decided to host an amazing competition to help you and a friend combat your four-wall syndrome, and is giving away £1000 to help redesign your home with some of their trendy, comfortable decor products.

Maybe your office area at home needs a little bit of TLC, or you just want to create a brand new feel of the room, if you head over to their official Instagram account you can put yourself in the running to be the recipient of a £1000, and your friend can get one too! 

To be in for a chance to enter the competition, all you need to do is make sure you’re following the official Urbanara Instagram account, like the post about the competition and make sure you comment and tag your friend’s IG account if you want them to be in for the chance of winning too! You both need to be following Urbanara to receive the prize.

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