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Unlimited Alcohol On All Inclusive Holidays ‘To Be Banned This Year’

If you want any alcoholic drinks, you’ll have to pay extra.


Unlimited alcoholic beverages are ‘to be banned’ in select resorts under a host of new measures to improve health and safety.

The new act comes into play following concern for British tourists’ health, safety and anti-social behaviour is being re-examined – and the rise of unlimited alcohol offerings from all-inclusive holiday resorts is top of the questioning.

There is now set to be a restriction on the amount of drinks holiday-makers will be able to enjoy on their holidays.

Some of the biggest holiday destinations have already signed up to the new rules. Magaluf and Playa De Palma in Majorca are already putting the measures into action, as is the West End of San Antonio in Ibiza.

The drinks are set to only accompany lunch and dinner, and self-serve alcohol is set to be scrapped, in favour for waiter services – but any alcoholic drinks will come with an added cost, rather than being included within package deals.

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