Uber Drivers Reveal The Weird Things Left In Taxis

Forget about losing your wallet

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It’s a sad state of affairs, but we’ve got to admit it, Uber is now the king of the taxi service. As Black Cabs and local services are slowly pushed out by Uber, the convenient app-based company makes ordering a taxi a little too easy.

I’m sure more than a few of us have left our dignity in the back of a taxi, but now, a shocking confessional from Uber drivers reveals what’s the weirdest thing they’ve found on the back seat.

According to Uber (via Metro), the extensive list of forgotten items includes everything from a live cat to 45 pieces of chicken — how could anyone leave either of those things behind is beyond me.

Be warned, things are only going to get weirder from here. As well as a fake skull (we hope), there’s a painting of The Last Supper, a panini maker, a Bros poster, partial dentures (God knows where the other half were), a SNES games console, a Nando’s uniform, and a smoke machine.

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I like to live in some sort of twisted fantasy world where all of these things were left behind by the same person.

The research revealed that these taxi troubles are most likely to be found in London, Bristol, and Belfast. That’s apparently where the most forgetful Brits are living.

Uber also found that Saturday is the time we’re prone to lose our precious possessions — could that have anything to do with a few too many drinks on a night out? The UK came in fourth as Europe’s most forgetful nations, however, nothing could beat France to the No. 1 spot.

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Thanks to that whole rating system where you can score your driver and they can score you, it now means we’re awkwardly shoved into a situation where we have to make idle chit chat.

If you’ve never asked your Uber driver what’s the weirdest thing someone has left in their car, why not try it next time you’re struggling for something to say? Well, it definitely beats, “What time do you finish?”

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