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Trix Cereal Is Going Back To The ’90s With Fruity New Design

Messenger Trix is giving us a blast from the past as the favourite cereal returns to its …read more

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Trix is giving us a blast from the past as the favourite cereal returns to its classic ’90s design. It’s been so long since the General Mills cereal was shaped like fruit, the idea has become something of an urban myth.

Introduced in 1954, Trix was originally in the shape boring boulders, but in a decade of Push Pops, Zapp lollies, and Iced Gems, the brand had a new look. Keeping with the times, General Mills swapped boulders with different a shape for each flavour in 1991.


In an era that the Toucan Sam, Coco the Monkey, and Tony the Tiger have had all the E numbers and fun stripped from their lives, things aren’t as “grrrrrreat” as they used to be for our old sugar-coated cereal brands.

The General Mills Facebook account announced that the cereal would be having a rebrand back in October. We’ve patiently been waiting for Trix to return from generic rocks to shapes like raspberry, banana, and watermelon. Now, the time has come.

Trix Cereal General Mills

Trix officially changed from its ’90s shapes in 2007, meaning some people out there have never seen the classic look. Strangely, Mexico is the only country in the world that kept fruit-shaped Trix up until 2018.

With so many different versions over the years, this has led to some confusion online as people freak out over the new/old design.

At the end of the day, they taste the same no matter what shape they are. Still, some people swear that the shaped version tastes better than the uninspired rocks.

Trix has had plenty of controversies in the past. General Mills faced a massive backlash when tried its own health kick and removed bright colours in favour of lighter hues. The company eventually relented and returned to artificial colouring.

Thankfully, the 2019 version is the crunchy cereal that many of us remember and it should instantly transport you back to childhood. With Trix now back on shelves how we remember it, try out a bowl for yourself and let us know what you think.

[Featured Image: General Mills]

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