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Young & Reckless

There are few things in life that can compete with freshening up your wardrobe, that gets even better when you’ve bagged a healthy discount on all your new outfits.

To celebrate launching in Germany, Young & Reckless is asking customers to break into its website, offering a 25% discount off its entire collection to those who have a go.

What better excuse do you need to liven up your look?

The Los Angeles-based brand was started by reality star Christopher ‘Drama’ Plaff, who just also happens to be the cousin of professional skateboarder and TV host, Rob Dyrdek.

Christopher has built a name for himself by pushing the boundaries of traditional skate clothing, building a brand with trend creators at the forefront of its legacy.

The inspiration behind the ‘Break the Glass’ offer itself stems from the ‘Break the Rules’ attitude that Young & Reckless was launched upon – a sentiment that is one of the biggest reasons there’s so much excitement around the company, even in its earliest days.

“We are a street-wear inspired lifestyle brand that has seamlessly woven the simplicity of casual apparel with the intricacy of design. We support the disregard of rules, boundaries and the status quo, in an effort to create a more enjoyable and productive life. That’s exhibited through our apparel, the visuals, the aesthetic, and the content we create.”

Head over to the website now to get smashing and claim your discount code.

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