This New Harry Potter Theory Will Blow Your Mind

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It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out, 16 years since the first movie, and 6 years since the last movie – feel old yet? We all thought that it was over when the last bit of the story was revealed… until J.K. Rowling announced the Cursed Child! But even that’s old news now. Most Harry Potter fans will have read the book, watched the play, seen Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them… so what now?

You’d think that was it, that there was nothing about the original epos that could still surprise us or move us as much as it did the first time. And then came one Reddit user that loves HP as much as we do. He had an idea a little while ago and it spread like wildfire.

So here’s the theory:

Severus Snape, potions master, spy and former Death Eater did not die after he gave his memories to Harry in the Shrieking Shack/Boathouse.

His death hit his fans hard. We’ve only just come to terms with it, after all six years isn’t THAT long a time to get over what we think is one of the saddest movie deaths not related to a dog. It’s not just an off-the-wall-theory either – ok it is, but there is some evidence to support it. It’s not explicitly stated the he passed away (although yes, it is heavily implied by both the book and movie).

Exhibit 1:

Snape’s body is nowhere to be seen after the battle.

After the big battle is over, the survivors lay out the bodies of the dead. Harry sees Lupin, Fred, Tonks, but Snape’s body isn’t there. Given the huge role he played in the war, and his memories played just hours before, that seems like a bit of an oddity.
Whether it is the book or movie version, several people knew of where he was, and after the fight, at least one of them would have gone to fetch his body. At least out of respect for a fallen comrade, they would have made sure he was taken care of.

Exhibit 2:

Snape is a potions master, he’d have thought to have an anti-venom

Snape is well-established as a potions master. He probably would have expected that there was a possibility Nagini would turn on him at some point. He was not expecting the events that led to his ‘death’ but a spy of his calibre would be prepared. Whether this would be an anti-venom or some other potion to preserve his life, someone who would have to expect being discovered as a spy at any moment, would not be caught completely off-guard.
The same would go for blood loss. Surely, there would have been a potion? Fans have mentioned that it took Arthur months to recover in St.Mungo’s, but we’d still like to think that he could have kept himself alive for at least a while. With a spell that can heal wounds – as demonstrated on Draco – and the potions skills to counteract a potential venom, we think he’d have had a chance.

Exhibit 3:

Snape’s ghost did not appear alongside the others

Snape and Harry certainly never saw eye to eye, and Harry hated him for most of his life, but he was also one of his staunchest protectors. Surely, right after finding out his real allegiance, he would be at the forefront of Harry’s mind and at least make a passing appearance alongside the others?
Sure, not everybody Harry cared about, or that cared about Harry appeared, but to his fans, it still feels like Snape should have been there. After all, he named his son after him several years later.

Exhibit 4:

Voldemort did not kill him himself, despite clearly having no qualms to do so with others

The Dark Lord clearly has absolutely no problem using the Avada Kedavra curse on others, we have seen this often enough. However, instead of doing the one thing that would absolutely guarantee Snape’s death, he leaves him to bleed out/die of poison.
Now some fans may say that this was torture, however, the Crucio curse would be more effective. It seems like something of an oversight for Voldemort not to make sure Snape is actually dead before leaving him there. Of course, this gives him the opportunity to share his memories with Harry, and to break all of our hearts a little, but it still seems odd.
Now, truth be told, Snape is probably dead. We know. And maybe, in another decade, we’ll even accept it properly. For now, the sliver of hope that one of the most heroic men in the Harry Potter universe may not be dead, and is instead brewing potions in a lab somewhere undisturbed by the Ministry.

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