This New Game Proves Who Is The Biggest Harry Potter Fan Out Of Your Friends

Game on.


If you often have fights with your so-called ‘friends’ about who is the biggest Harry Potter fan, then you can now get them to put their galleons where their mouths are.

A new game has been released called Munchkin Deluxe Harry Potter, which will determine which of you deserves to wear Ravenclaw’s diadem in triumph.

Superfan site AccioThis is currently selling the game for $34.95 (£27).

The game description reads: “In Munchkin Harry Potter Deluxe, play as a member of your favourite Hogwarts house and prove your mettle against other witches and wizards. Defeat villains and monsters, and compete against other players to level up for the win!”


So if you’re a Slytherin, play as a Slytherin and show those Griffindor pals of yours who’s boss.

In similar news, you can also get your hands on a Harry Potter version of Scrabble.

If you’re left questioning whether the word Hippogriff can be used in Scrabble, the answer is yes when it comes to the Harry Potter version. USAopoly is apparently releasing three Potter-inspired games later this year.

As well as a mysterious co-op game, muggles and wizards alike can get competitive with Scrabble: World of Harry Potter and Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts. The Dark Arts game will pitch two players against each other to learn offensive and defensive spells, while the Scrabble game is pretty self-explanatory.

Harry Potter Scrabble

Coming to the USA and Canada, Scrabble: World of Harry Potter will hit shelves in “Spring 2019”, cost $29.95, and promises to include all the family-friendly fun of the classic game. Sticking with the usual rules of giving players seven tiles, it might make it a little hard to spell Acromantula and Penseive.

As well as playing normal words like you would in standard Scrabble, the new game will offer special bonuses for using magical words. It’s time to put your encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter to the test. If you know your Niffler from Nearly-Headless Nick, your Basilisk from your Bogart, and your Dumbledore from your Diggory, this could be one for you.

Harry Potter
Warner Bros.

Ironically, “Muggle” and “Quidditch” are already in the dictionary, while the Oxford Dictionary has even teased that words like “Patronus” and “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” could find a place in the dictionary. These aren’t the first spellbinding games USAopoly has released. In the past, the board game company has showcased the likes of a Harry Potter versions of Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit.

Even if you’re a Squib, it should be relatively easy to pick up the idea of Harry Potter scrabble. British fans don’t need to miss out though. Mattel has previously released a limited edition Scrabble honouring the inhabitants of Hogwarts and beyond. It’s still available on Amazon and only costs £22.49. All that’s left to say now is “Accio Scrabble”

[Featured Image: AccioThis/Warner Bros.]

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