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This Map Shows Your City’s Favourite Fetish

Nice to know what the neighbours are up to!


It’s always so interesting when you look into fetishes. If you can imagine it, someone probably loves it. For example, there’s a fetish called Macrophilia which basically is someone who loves the idea of giants. It’s great, isn’t it?

A London-based Escort agency, called, has looked into 20 of the most searched fetishes on Google, and comprised them into a map of the UK to see what appeals to each city.

As you can see, we’re a varied bunch.

The study shows that the top searched for fetish in the UK is BDSM with over 180,000 searches each month. This is followed by foot fetish with over 39,000 searches each month, meaning the UK really does love feet.

Across the whole of the UK, the top ten most searched-for fetishes are:

And for the cities…

Alicia, a representative at, said: “Everyone has a fetish, whether this is public or a secret behind closed doors. Our study reveals there is a big appetite for kinks across the UK,

“Other research has found that having a fetish actually makes you more healthy or healthier than those who don’t. It also suggests that suppressing them can actually result in psychological damage. Therefore with this in mind everyone needs to embrace their kinks, and our map might give you a little inspiration of what’s our there to try”.

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