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This Maltesers Truffle Egg Is The Only Easter Egg You Need In 2019

Messenger Move over Willy Wonka, you can keep your chocolate river because Maltesers Truffles Easter eggs are looking …read more

Mars Maltesers Truffle Egg

Move over Willy Wonka, you can keep your chocolate river because Maltesers Truffles Easter eggs are looking to ‘crack’ the market in 2019. When Smarties, standard Maltesers, and even Creme Egg doesn’t cut it, the Maltesers Truffle egg is taking your level of sophistication up a notch.

We all remember the golden days before Mars ruined Celebrations and the Galaxy Truffle was the best of the best. While Mars isn’t quite bringing the fan-favourite chocolate back to shelves, this is the next best thing.

Although it’s months until we can smash into our supply of Easter eggs, most of us are looking far beyond the chocolate-covered times of Valentine’s Day and already eying up the Easter offerings. Stores are starting to ship in seasonal savings as Easter eggs slowly make their way onto shelves.

Instafoodietwins first alerted us to this finding, so thanks for the nod. Complete with the signature Malteser’s branding of red and gold, the Easter egg shows how the once humble ball of honeycomb wrapped in chocolate has come a long way.

The official description doesn’t give much away but does confirm that the egg comes in at a hefty 286g. Hopefully more than enough to stem your chocoholic urges.

The general rule applies that if Creme Eggs are in stock, it’s time to start shopping for Easter eggs. The Maltesers Truffle egg has already been spotted in Tesco and Iceland. Tesco is selling it for the princely sum of £10 — but it’s definitely worth it. If you fancy saving a few quid, the Maltesers Truffle egg is just £8 in Iceland. Quick, before Kerry Katona, Peter Andre, and Coleen Nolan get them all!


Maltesers Truffle Egg Tesco

The good news doesn’t end there though, instafoodietwins also confirmed a Maltesers Smash Cake is coming to ASDA from January 28. Is there no end to Mars’ culinary creativity? Since their introduction in 2018, Maltesers Truffles have become a firm favourite alongside seasonal favourites like the Malteser Reindeers and Maltesers Bunnies.

Up in the God Tier alongside the likes of Yorkie (you know it makes sense), a Percy Pig offering from M&S, or anything from Hotel Chocolat, the Maltesers Truffle egg is all you should be asking for this year.

We can’t take any responsibility for your expanding waistline after you’ve smashed through the egg in a matter of hours while bingeing Netflix shows….you’ve been warned.

[Featured Imahe: Instagram instafoodietwins/20th Century Fox]

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