This Jurassic Park And Fyre Festival Documentary Is The Mashup We Deserve

Hold onto your butts…and Instagram followers

Jurassic Fyre Featured

It’s the mashup to end all mashups as movie buffs have mixed together Jurasssic Park with Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud.

It seems that life, uh, has found a way to make Fyre Festival even more relatable to us tech-savvy Millennials. Why no one has previously spotted the similarities between Jurassic Park and Fyre Festival is beyond me.

Created by Nerdist, the trailer combines key pieces of Fyre Festival commentary with moments from Universal’s Jurassic series. Both worlds basically follow an ambitious businessman who promises a deluded group of test subjects a once in a lifetime experience on a tropical island.

With carnage on a tropical land, an every man for themselves mentality, and the holiday of a lifetime turning into the weekend from hell, it’s a pretty great comparison. Perhaps the only difference is the fact that Billy McFarland swapped flesh-hungry raptors for fame-hungry Instagram influencers.

In this twisted world, Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond is the villainous McFarland, luring bewildered parkgoers to Isla Nublar. My personal highlight is the faux quotes from attendees. With a nod to Laura Dern’s Ellie Sattler’s “Ruuuun,” there’s also Rolling Stone’s “Man plays God. God b*tch slaps man,” and Random Parkgoer’s “Agghhh.”

Fyre Festival Jurassic Park

Swapping Fyre’s awful catering options for Jurassic Park‘s signature jello, there’s plenty of time for Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm to shine, and Pablo Escobar’s island is replaced by the doomed Isla Nublar.

Even meme legend Andy King gets a mention. You can only imagine that a lot more Jurassic Park lives would’ve been saved if King and his willingness to dole out blowjobs had been part of the movie franchise.

While no one died at Fyre Festival, I’m not sure the patrons had any more fun than they would’ve at Jurassic Park. All I can say is clever girl (or boy) to the minds behind the video.

I’m pretty sure I’d rather spend my money jetting off to Isla Nublar than having to deal with those Fyre Festival fans. Put it this way, I’d be pushing that dude that pissed all over other people’s mattresses straight into the Raptor enclosure.

Jurassic Fraud Nerdist

It’s all a bit of fun, but let’s not take away from those who were genuinely affected by the horrors of Fyre — and no, I don’t mean the guy who sued for $2.5 million each with his mate.

In the real world, McFarland is currently serving six years behind bars for fraud. Eveafterer the Fyre disaster, McFarland continued trying to sell fake tickets and experience to the general public. Given a chance, he’d probably try and sell you the idea of a real Jurassic Park.

[Featured Image: Universal Pictures/Nerdist

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