This Collar Turns Your Dog’s Barks Into Swear Words



A company named MSCHF is selling what may be the very best product in the world – the Cuss Collar.

The $60 new collar will translate any dog bark into swear words. Every single time your dog barks, a swear world will be played from the speaker that is on the collar.

It shouts profanity including the F word and Bull**** making your dog the least good boy in the world.

It makes an ideal gift, as the collar itself is fairly innocuous meaning you could give it to a friend’s dog and they wouldn’t know it’s true purpose until the fluffy companion started barking.

The collar is made out of patent leather and features a stainless steel buckle. It weighs in at just 0.2lb, so it shouldn’t be too heavy for your dogs neck.

Sadly, it’s currently sold out, because a lot of people fancy having sweary companions. There’s a number on the website to text to get updates on when it’ll be back in stock.

The company warns that the collar is not meant to be used for any type of dog training, including trying to get your pooch to bark less.

The collar is powered by 2 triple A batteries, though it does feature a pretty thick speaker that may be uncomfortable for some smaller pooches.

The company specialises in making viral products, and have preciously made a bath bomb in the shape of a toaster, along with an extension for the Google Chrome browser that makes it look like Netflix is a conference call, you can catch up on streaming at work.

If you think it would suit your dog, make sure you check the mailing list to see when it comes back in stock, as the product sold out quickly the first time round – and we can see why.

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