This Chair Has Been Created For People Who Love Sitting Cross-Legged

Never have I needed something more.


I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes sitting cross-legged can be the most comfortable way to relax. Yes, if you stay in the same position for a long time, you’re bound to feel a bit of pain – but for the majority cross-legged can be comfy AF.

Obviously, not all chairs are designed for you to sit in such a way, which is why a fantastic company called MySoulSeat has created the gift we all didn’t know we needed. A chair, that is specifically designed to help people sit with their legs crossed.

I have never needed something more in my LIFE! MySoulSeat’s official Instagram posted a picture of their innovative product, captioned: “You’ve finally found it! A chair designed for cross-legged sitting!”

Their post has already garnered a LOT of love online, with many users stating that they simply MUST have the chair or they’ll never be able to be productive again.

One user in particular excitedly wrote: “This is the chair of my DREAMS.” But others were simply put off by the cost of the product, saying that while they thought it was something they needed, $800 was a bit too much to spend on a chair.

The Soul Seat comes available in an array of different colours and shapes, and if you want to pay up to $1500 for one, you can even get it in bamboo.

Black ultrafabrics primera Soul Seat cross legged chair with perch raised
My Soul Seat

So if you feel that you’d like to stop having as much back pain from the chairs you currently sit in, and you prefer to sit cross-legged, then this little device is definitely worth investing in. Or, better yet, if you work for a company that values their workers and also has a lot of spare cash to spend, suggest this to your boss and maybe they can treat you to it.

[Featured Image Credit: My Soul Seat]

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