This Beer Belly Bum Bag Is Perfect For Festivals

Who else needs one?!


Everyone loves a beer belly, don’t they? Well, maybe not those who are trying to get healthy. But let’s be honest, they’re pretty funny. Which is probably why a new company called Dadbag has decided to cash in on them.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have your own beer belly, you can now buy one in the form of a bumbag. And if that’s not the perfect accessory for a festival – I don’t know what is.


There are six different bellies for you to choose from, so no matter who you are, you can get the perfect fit.


Speaking to Lonleyplanet, the man behind the bags, Albert Pukies, said that inspiration came to him when it was approaching Father’s Day: “I thought that it could be funny to feel like a dad instantly with a strap-on belly,

“I obviously missed Father’s Day but I’m glad that it still worked.”

He’s hoping to get the bags in stores before Christmas, so make sure you check his website for updates. Plus, the Instagram has lots of pictures of the different bags for you to peruse prior to its launch.

Featured image credit: Dadbag

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