There’s A Worrying Sign In The New Game Of Thrones Title Video

It’s a ‘Stark’ warning

Game of Thrones Titles

It’s finally back. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the Old Gods and the New are smiling down on us as Game of Thrones triumphantly returns to our screens. Swooping in on the back of a dragon, HBO’s sprawling epic is coming to end with a snowy swansong of just six episodes.

The premiere was packed with plenty of hints of what’s to come, but does the show’s shiny new title sequence spell doom for those downtrodden Starks?

We’ve come a long way from that clockwork map of the first seven seasons as Game of Thrones‘ new opening hones in on the Wall, Last Hearth, Winterfell, and King’s Landing. It might not be the trip across the Seven Kingdoms we’re used to, showing that the action will be focussed on a few key locations.

So, how does the map spoil the grim fate of the Starks? Posting on Twitter, Carrie Shedlock said “anyone else alarmed by this?” and screenshotted a key moment hidden in the titles. It appears to show the Night King holding the severed head of a wolf (the Stark’s spirit animal).

Robb Stark Death Game of Thrones

While some fans think it references the Red Wedding with Robb Stark’s head and the Lannister sigil, it’s important to note the figure holding the wolf head looks to be the Night King. One person wrote, “Yeah that’s super not okay”, while another said, “Yes. Maximum alarm…”.

With Game of Thrones known for its dramatic character deaths and mahoosive twists, we’re fully expecting some major players to bow out in Season 8. Over the history of the show, the Starks have had a pretty bad run of luck. After waving goodbye to Ned Stark in Season 1, Robb and Catelyn bowed out in Season 3, followed by Rickon in Season 6. But which Stark(s) could tipped for a heartbreaking exit?

Sansa and Daenerys Game of Thrones Season 8

I’m placing my bet now and guessing Sansa will be shuffling to an early grave before the credits roll. Arya has her kill list to complete, Jon Snow is a clear contender to sit on the Iron Throne, and creepy Bran Stark isn’t going anywhere.

Once the war between the living and the undead is over, it’s hard to place Sansa. We’ve already seen her show her disdain toward Daenerys, so let’s see how that unfolds. Of course, we could all be reading into this a little too much and they’ll all ride off into the sunset on the back of a dragon.

[Featured Image: HBO]

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