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There’s A Way You Can Get The New McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets For Free

Things are getting too spicy for the pepper

Spicy Nuggets Free

It’s another week, another new invention for McDonald’s. This time, those golden arches are gifting us spicy nuggets for anyone who wants to give a kick to their mealtimes. If that doesn’t already have you interested, what if you could pick some up for free?

It was no secret that a big box of those breaded wonders were coming to McDonald’s branches, and now that they’re here, we can’t get enough. Ronald McDonald isn’t clowning around — there really is a way you can get spicy nuggets for free.

You can pick up nuggets in-store or using the app, but for this bit of tech trickery, you’ll need the app. The McDonald’s app currently has an offer for £5 off a £20 spend. That may seem like a lot, but if you’re doing the lunch run for your mates or are feeling particularly hungover, it’s easy to spend £20 at the fast food giant.

On average, McDonald’s spicy nuggets cost £3.19 for 6, £3.49 for 9, or £4.99 for 20 — meaning they’re the same as normal nugs. Your £5 off can get you a whole box for absolutely free. If you only manage to spend £10, there’s also a voucher for £3 off — giving you six spicy nuggets for just 19p.

 McDonald's is adding spicy nuggets to the menu

You’d better be quick though, the vouchers are only valid until Sunday, August 11. By that time, I imagine you’ve (hopefully) already have had your first bite of spicy nuggets.

Earlier this year, a pair crafty Aussie hackers figured out how to get free cheeseburgers.

The two-minute video appeared on YouTube and has already picked up a mouth-watering 1.1 million views. The life-changing hack gets foodies one free burger and 10 sauce/veg-covered buns. It might sound like a bit of a faff, but a free burger is a free burger.

Unless you’re from Australia, it might sound a little weird to hear it being called “Maccas”, but they probably think us Brits are mental for calling it “Maccies”. So, here’s how it works. The burger burglars explain how they’ve ordered 11 $1 burgers.

Choosing to have the burgers without a patty leads to a $1.10 discount (per burger). Opting to remove the meat from 10 of the burgers equals an $11 saving. The boys have effectively cancelled out their need for payment.

There have been reports of people queuing for hours just to get some spicy nuggets, so it sounds like they’re proving just as popular as we’d expected them to. Who wouldn’t want a box for free?

[Featured Image: McDonald’s]

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