The Voice Actor Behind Pokémon’s Professor Oak Has Died

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Heartbreaking news in today, that will hit us all in the childhood nostalgia feels – the guy behind the voice of ever loved Professor Oak from in the original Japanese anime Pokémon has sadly passed away.

Unsho Ishizuka isn’t just known for his role as Professor Oak, as he also featured in Dragon Ball as the voice of Mr. Satan, as well as Heihachi Mishima in the Tekken series. 

As for his role in Pokémon he didn’t just voice Professor Oak. He also narrated the Japanese series and even voiced a few of the Pokémon themselves, including Onix. 

Ishizuka’s back-catalogue of iconic characters is an impressive one, reaching all the way from Cowboy Bebop to SAO spin-off series, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online. 

According to a report from Japanese website, Mantan-Web, Ishizuka passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer, aged just 68. 

Fans of Ishizuka’s work are lamenting the loss of a true legend in the world of anime. 

Twitter is being flooded with tributes to the late voice actor, proving just how many lives his characters had touched.

One user tweeted: “Unsho Ishizuka, known for the role of Professor Oak in Pokémon, has passed away at 68.

“I enjoyed Pokémon anime with your voice as a child… Thank you for your hard work, your great work will forever remain in my heart. Rest in peace.”

Another wrote: “Oh man, that’s heartbreaking. Joseph Joestar, Mr Satan after Mr Gori passed, and of course Professor Oak. He voiced so many legendary characters. He’ll be sorely missed.”

You can check out his incredible career and learn more about Unsho Ishizuka’s incredible life right here.

Words by Lara Brown.

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