‘The Shining’ Gingerbread Overlook Hotel Is Straight From Our Nightmares

Run, run, as fast as you can

Shining Hotel

Time to pick up a gingerbread axe and some gingerbread keys to check back into the gingerbread Overlook Hotel. Inside, you’re sure to find a gingerbread Jack Torrance stalking the halls as you head up to gingerbread Room 237. If you’re bored of generic gingerbread houses this Christmas, why not recreate The Shining…in gingerbread form?

While Christmas is the most magical time of the year, horror fans are undoubtedly looking for a way to spook up the snowy season. Anyone who’s ever built a gingerbread house will know it isn’t as easy as it looks, which makes constructing a whole gingerbread Overlook quite the feat.

Imgur Aaron Keeling

This one goes back a few years, but with Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep giving us a long-awaited sequel to The Shining, there’s no better time to relight the boiler at the Overlook. Posting on Imgur, user agkeeling shows off their faithful reconstruction of Stephen King’s haunted abode.

More than just a hollow shell of the Overlook, the chilling creator confirms there are five internal rooms that depict some of the most iconic scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 movie. As well as the creepy twins in the hallway, there’s the rotting spectre in Room 237, a ghost-filled ballroom that’s three-stories high, one scene of blood spilling from the elevator, and (obviously) Jack and Wendy’s infamous bathroom scene.

Imgur Aaron Keeling

Finally, what trip to the Overlook would be complete without a run through the hotel’s cavernous hedge maze? Try not to get lost in agkeeling’s Rice Krispie treat version — topped with powdered sugar for a snow effect. Look close enough and you might find a frozen Jack Torrance in his final resting place.

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