The Real Reason Hermione Wasn’t A Ravenclaw Has Been Revealed

This makes a lot of sense.


Have you ever wondered why someone as clever as Hermione Granger was put into Gryffindor, rather than the more obvious choice of Ravenclaw?

Obviously, from JK Rowling’s perspective Hermione is a useful story-telling tool. Someone who knows everything, and can explain it to both Harry and Ron (and us at the same time) is priceless. So objectively, she had to be in Gryffindor.

However, someone seems to have figured out a much nicer explanation for why Hermione wasn’t Ravenclaw.

In a Reddit post, u/JacobGambino writes: “In ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, Hermione says “There are more important things than books and cleverness, like friendship and courage,” which a lot of fans cite as the reason she’s in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw, but there might be more to it than that. Hermione is smart, no doubt about that, but her brand of intelligence isn’t necessarily the kind that Ravenclaw values.

“Hermione is logical and great at absorbing facts, but she’s not creative or intuitive in the way that Luna or Ollivander is; she has a large repertoire of knowledge, but knowing things is only one half of true intelligence, you also have to be willing to question what you know and try to create something new. Hermione has the former, but not the latter. Think about how she underperforms in potions class in “The Half-blood Prince” because she takes it for granted that reading something in a school-approved textbook makes it true.

“What’s more, in ‘The Deathly Hallows’, when we learn that entrance into Ravenclaw Tower requires answering a riddle, Harry asks Luna: “What do you do if you don’t know the answer?” to which Luna responds: “You wait for someone who does.” The point of the riddles isn’t to show off how smart you are, but to teach you that you aren’t always going to have an answer, or that not everything has a clear answer, and that’s the kind of thing that would drive Hermione crazy.”

That makes a lot of sense.

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