‘The Pharmacist’ Is Netflix Viewers’ Latest True Crime Documentary Obsession

It’s only been out a few days and yet is already fans are ‘hooked’.


I’m going to level with you here, I feel like once a week I write the same article that a new true crime show on Netflix is the viewer’s ‘new obsession’, but quite frankly I can’t help it than the streaming service keeps dropping absolute bangers for us to consume.

Following on from the success of true crime documentaries covering murders, missing people and just down-right creepy unsolved cases, Netflix has brought out a new show called The Pharmacist, and it’s getting a LOT of praise from viewers who have already binged it all.

The Pharmacist follows the story of Dan Schneider, a pharmacist from Louisiana, who is trying to track down who killed his son during a drug-deal gone wrong.

However, during his investigation, he discovers a high number of teenagers in his area are being prescribed a high powered opioid (OxyContin) by another local pharmacist.

Despite only being on the streaming channel for just a few days, users are already taking to social media to discuss how ‘eye-opening’ it is.

[Featured Image Credit: Netflix]

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