The Internet Is P*ssed At How Scar Looks In New The Lion King Remake

‘Be prepared’ to have your childhood ruined

Scar The Lion King

As Jon Favreau’s The Lion King prepares to sing Hakuna Matata, it seems that the iconic phraseology doesn’t really mean no worries (for the rest of your days). The glossy trailer for the live-action adaptation has riled fans with a new look for the villainous Scar.

Apart from James Earl Jones’ anticipated return as Mufasa, there’s a whole new cast of A-list stars to lead the remake. Alongside Donald Glover a Simba and Beyoncé Knowles as Nala, Doctor Strange‘s Chiwetel Ejiofor has a leading role as Scar.

A million miles away from Jeremy Irons’ slightly camp version from the 1994 cartoon, Ejiofor’s Scar is terrifying to behold — quite literally. Posting on Twitter, audiences are questioning why the big bad of the Pride Lands looks like he’s just been dug up.

The emaciated version of Scar doesn’t look he’d be much of a match for the broad-shouldered Mufasa or adult Simba.

My personal favourite was the tweet that described Scar as Mufasa’s meth-addled cousin. Others pointed out that they could’ve easily given Scar his signature black mane and maybe taken it one step further with the emerald eyes from the cartoon.

Even if Favreau and co. were going for a more realistic look and were trying to make The Lion King different to its 1994 counterpart, people are less than impressed with this feeble Scar.

Whatever your thoughts, The Lion King looks like it could be one of this year’s biggest movies. Disney already has things locked down with Avengers: Endgame, but the sheer nostalgia factor of The Lion King is sure to line Mickey Mouse’s pockets just a little more.

With The Lion King coming to cinemas on June 9, there isn’t long to wait and see whether the live-action outing is roaring its way to the top of the box office or it’s a case of “the lion sleeps tonight”.

[Featured Image: Disney]

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