The Internet Is Going Crazy About This World of Warcraft Remake

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It’s been confirmed, Blizzard is working on an official World of Warcraft remake that’ll bring the vanilla WoW experience back to the player base. It seems like it’s been years since the community has asked for a return back to the original World of Warcraft we all remember and Blizzard has finally responded.

Learn about the upcoming official World of Warcraft remake and find out the information Blizzard has shared about it below.

Official World of Warcraft Remake Announced at Blizzcon

During Blizzcon this year, Blizzard announced that a World of Warcraft remake is now in the works.

The remake will offer a ‘classic’ vanilla WOW experience. It will offer the same gameplay and content available during the launch of World of Warcraft, with a few tweaks and changes here and there to make up for any initial mistakes they made on its first release.

This seems to be a direct response to the community’s constant request for a return back to the legacy WOW experience. In recent years, Blizzard has tried to crack down on unofficial servers, so the return of a legacy server that won’t run the risk of being shut down will be great news to the legacy WOW community.

Why Is There a World of Warcraft Remake Happening?

With Blizzard’s constant battle against unofficial legacy servers owners, it’s been clear that the interest in a vanilla WOW experience has been there for a long time.

Many World of Warcraft players, including popular streamers such as Sodapoppin, have constantly expressed their opinions on the current state of World of Warcraft.

I think many would agree with me when I say that the game isn’t quite like what it used to be. There’s tons of great content, sure, but the overall format and social aspect of the game just doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

For this reason, the revival of a real, official legacy World of Warcraft server is perhaps the best decision Blizzard has made for World of Warcraft in recent years and we’re glad they went ahead with it.

Will the World of Warcraft Remake Include Expansions?

A common question that has popped up since the announcement at Blizzcon and that is whether the World of Warcraft remake will include expansions or not.

It seems like a lot of components for the remake are still in the early planning stages. It’ll most likely take some time for Blizzard to decide what direction they’d like to take their new WOW remake server.

It’s possible that expansions may be re-released for the World of Warcraft remake in the future, but for now it’s reasonable to expect just the base game.

One big question looming over the Blizzard team’s heads is what additional content to include in their remake that was introduced before the first expansion.

Should they release the game as it was when World of Warcraft was first released? Alternatively, should they release the remake server with all of the content that was included in the game right up until the first expansion was released? Or maybe they should find somewhere in between.

What Is The Official World of Warcraft Remake Called?

The official World of Warcraft remake is called Wow Classic. It will be a new rendition of the original content.

The team working on the World of Warcraft remake will also be getting help and suggestions from the developers of Nostalrius, an unofficial legacy server that has since been put back online after relations between the Nostalrius team and Blizzard were ironed out.

When is The World of Warcraft Remake Happening?

The World of Warcraft remake is still very early on in its development. The very bare groundwork has been laid out and some internal tests have been done, but it’s going to be a long road ahead.

The Blizzard team responsible for World of Warcraft Classic will still need to decide on the route they’d like to take the game in terms of available content. They’ll also need to put a lot of work into ensuring the game is running smoothly on modern systems. It’s unfortunately not as easy as simply re-releasing the old client for today’s technology.

A lot has changed since World of Warcraft was originally released and that includes major engine upgrades that the team will now have to work around to ensure the remake version works on all current PC hardware.

As a result of all of the work that still needs to go into the World of Warcraft remake, Blizzard hasn’t yet set a release date. Truthfully, not even Blizzard yet know quite how long the development process will take.

Let’s hope that in the next few months Blizzard will have a more structured plan that they can use to share with the community.

Will Blizzard Shutdown Unofficial Legacy Servers?

With Blizzard now working on their own legacy server, many unofficial legacy Wow players are concerned that the servers they are playing on will be shut down.

With the Nostalrius team already offering some support to the Blizzard developers working on the World of Warcraft remake, it’s too far fetched to think that the Nostalrius team will be brought on in its entirety. This is entirely speculation on our part, but this could mean the most popular unofficial legacy server for World of Warcraft may be shut down so that the Nostalrius team can work more closely with Blizzard.

Blizzard may also take a harsh stand against any remaining unofficial legacy servers in the hope that more of the World of Warcraft legacy player base will pay for the official WOW remake.

Here’s to hoping that Blizzard remains lenient towards the currently available unofficial legacy servers. It would be a shame to see Blizzard force teams like the Nostalrius developers to shut down their projects.


Thanks for reading through our first look at the official World of Warcraft remake! We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on this one going forward. Will you be interested in playing the official Wow legacy server once it goes live?

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