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The Internet Is Divided Over This ‘Beach Or Car Door’ Optical Illusion

Here we go again.


It’s happening again, the internet is losing its mind over another picture that either looks like a beach part of a car.

Now let’s just throw this out there from the start – apparently the photo is indeed a car door, though it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when all you can see is a beach.

Though if you can see a beach, you’re apparently artistic, which is a pretty nice thought.

Anyway, here we go…

And just like that, the good folks of the interweb were pitted against each other.

Now seems like an appropriate time to bring another debate back into the limelight, the one surrounding whether or not a Sesame Street character dropped the F bomb.

In a recent episode Grover is talking to Rosita about camera angles. During the exchange Grover drops what many people sounds suspiciously like inappropriate language.

And of course, a timeless classic…

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