The Internet ‘Cracks’ Up As An Egg Beats Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Record

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Kylie Jenner Egg Featured

We’re not yolking, an egg has just beaten Kylie Jenner to become the most-liked post in the history of Instagram. The internet is a strange place, and in a world where celebrities make their money flying up the Instagram charts, you can imagine an egg claiming top spot is just as strange as it sounds.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star broke the internet back in 2018 when she announced the birth of her daughter Stormi. Unfortunately, these things can’t last for ever and it was inevitable that Jenner couldn’t keep her crown forever.

The account @world_record_egg had the simple aim over beating Jenner to most-liked Instagram post of all time. Not a dragon egg, solid gold egg, or even a Fabergé egg, this is just your standard beige beauty in its perfectly formed shell. The record-breaking (but not shell-breaking) egg first appeared on January 4 and has already amassed 2.8 million followers.

At the time or writing, @world_record_egg has a jaw-dropping 26,748,262 likes on its single post. Account owner “Egg Gang” thanked fans with a ‘cracking’ message that reads, “This is madness. What a Time to be alive.”

In response to losing her viral status, Jenner took this ‘eggciting’ development in her stride. The 21-year-old wasn’t taking any prisoners as she cracked open an egg and tried to fry it on a hot floor. The gauntlet has officially been thrown down!

This isn’t the first time your dinner has tried to topple famous faces from the world of social media. Previously, half and onion gained 635,000 followers on Twitter in an attempt to overtake Donald Trump — it’s enough to make your eyes water.

Posted by The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Every Day on Sunday, January 13, 2019


Eggs and onions are one thing, but nothing can compare to the sheer marvellous might of The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Every Day. For years, the Facebook page has been sharing the same seductive shot of the Jurassic Park favourite every….single…day.

The big question is, what’s coming next to take on the egg after Jenner’s failed attempt? Safe to say, there’s sure to be a trend of household items jostling to overtake the egg. Toilet brushes, wellington boots, and ladles could soon be coming to an Instagram feed near you!

[Featured Image: Pexels/E!]

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