The First Trailer For The Kingsmen Prequel Looks Incredible

The trailer looks amazing!


The awkwardly titled Kingsman prequel film, The King’s Man, has officially revealed its first trailer and it looks pretty damn intense.

The film steps back from the usual Kingsman timeline, and will not feature Tarron Egerton as Eggsy or Colin Firth as Galahad. Instead it will be following the story of the origin of the Kingsmen group.

The trailer opens on a war-torn battlefield showcasing World War I-era British soldiers retreating from gunfire.

Ralph Finnes plays the original King’s Man, who seems to be a British soldier who is called up to join the Kingsmen during the film.

Other cast members include: Daniel Bruhl, Charles Dance, and Rhys Ifans.

Fans have reacted very positively to the trailer online:

We fly through images of director Mathew Vaughn’s iconic fight scene styles and they all look phenomenal. These resemble those from the first two films, with the addition of period specific weaponry and set-pieces.

Who doesn’t want a huge fight scene filled with guns and swords, shot in the quick-paced and exciting visual style that Vaughn has made his trademark?

It looks like it might well feature Rasputin himself as well in a possibly villainous role.

We see up close shots of the Kingsman logo engraved on a ring, possibly foreshadowing the birth of the organisation.

The trailer also includes a shot of the iconic suit shop that has become so symbolic of the franchise, so we know that by the end of the film we’ll be fully set up in the Kingsmen universe.

Speaking of, the universe is set to continue expanding with American-centric spin-off The Statesmen which in pre production at the moment. The Statesmen group first appeared in the Kingsmen: Golden Circle from 2017, and featured Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal as American agents.

There’s also a direct sequel with Egerton returning to the franchise for the third time in the works, alongside a TV adaptation which is set to expand the universe even further.

The film is set to release on Valentine’s Day next year.

Featured image credit: Disney

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