The Demon Nun From The Nun Was In Princess Diaries

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Anyone recovered from the film? Yeah me neither. However, if you’re someone who loves lore and wants to delve into all that is horror, grab a coffee, grab a seat and get ready for the lore game.

It’s not exactly a secret that actors/actresses star in the different films, different variations of movies and sub-genres, but this is a completely different style of ‘mind blown’.

If you’ve watched any film you’ll be aware that motion capture/make-up can completely change a person into the character.  Take Dave Bautista as Drax in The Guardians of The Galaxy franchise, you can tell it’s him, but man, does he look different.

In this case, Bonnie Aarons is the woman behind the thing that scared every single bone in my body.  However, if it wasn’t clear from the title, Aarons was in the Princess Diaries playing the role of Joy Von Troken. 

Now, if you’re someone who is oblivious to these types of films, let’s have a catch up about her role! The ideology of this character was that she was next in line to become Queen of Genova had Mia Thermopolis decided against becoming royalty.  However, it was clear from the start that she was out for blood, rather like her character from The Nun. Has your mind been blown yet? Do you need a second to recover?

Throughout this film The Demon Nun is out for murder and definitely sent shivers down several spines. I’ve never heard so many people swear at once during any film. However, it’s quite the transformation right? From an almost Queen who on the outside looks innocent, to the terrifying nun who definitely doesn’t look innocent.






Did you enjoy the lore game?  Have you been wondering “Who is the woman who terrifies me at night?” no? Just me? Okay.

Well now you know and can sleep safe at night knowing the demon nun from The Conjuring 2 won’t murder you in your sleep.  Unless you decide to move to Romania, become a nun and risk your soul being taken, then that is on you.

Words by Josh Abraham

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