The Bachelor ‘Accidentally Revealed The Winner’ In The Last Night’s Show



The Bachelor’s UK version is almost at an end, with the main man Alex getting to his final four women to take home and meet the family. After a tumultuous episode last night, one can be easily forgiven for thinking that the show could go ANY way at this point – right?

Wrong, as it appears that the show may have already spilled the tea on who wins the Bachelor’s heart by making one simple mistake. Oh silly, silly people.

If you’re not about that spoiler life, then click off this article now – as there WILL be spoilers as to who has apparently ‘won’ the show. If you still want to find out, then move yourself on down further into this article.

Right now that we’re getting properly into it, if you watched last night’s episode then you’ll know that at the beginning, the producers decided to get a bit more excited with their editing of the very final scene, showing off more of the woman than what they had previously (which up until then had just been her tanned legs).

But eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted the most telling sign of all, a ring on the woman’s finger – something so distinct that you could even see it on her finger during the argument of the century towards the end of the episode.

That’s right – it 90% looks like Alicia is the one that has won over Alex’s heart in the Channel 5 show’s final, which is fitting considering how fast he ran after her during their heated toilet discussion.

Well, is there any point in watching the rest of it now?

[Featured Image Credit: Channel 5]

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