Tana Mongeau Finally Admits Her Wedding To Jake Paul ‘Wasn’t Real’

She’s admitted everything.


Back in July, YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul shocked the world when it was announced that they’d become engaged after Jake proposed to Tana during her 21st birthday celebrations in Las Vegas.

The engagement left many people wondering whether or not their marriage was just a prank (which both stars are known for playing on their fans – especially Jake Paul), or whether or not it was going to be legitimate. Confusion set in even more when they announced a date that they’d be saying their nuptials that only appeared to be a month later.

However, despite taking part in the ceremony (that required fans to pay cash money in order to watch it and be a part of their big day), it appears that the fans first assumptions were in fact correct, and the pair aren’t actually ‘legally married’.

Tana revealed the information in a video posted on her YouTube channel Monday where she ‘spilled the tea’ on all things about the wedding in a ‘get ready for my wedding with me’ makeup tutorial.

She addressed people who had claimed that the pair rushed into things with their planned nuptials, and dropped the ultimate bomb about the legality of their ceremony, saying: “I wanted to not do it legally — but any wedding I have … if I had three more f*cking weddings I wouldn’t want to do it on paper because I think legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love. Like it’s unnecessary.” 

So there you have it, despite changing her name to Tana Paul on her social channels, the YouTuber is still in fact Tana Mongeau.

[Featured Image Credit: Instagram]

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