Take A Seat Wherever You Are With Bean Bag Bum Onesie

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Spongebob Bean Bag Onesie

You can now be full of beans with a bean bag bum onesie. If you get cold and uncomfortable while looking for somewhere to sit, the bean bag onesie could be one for you.

A few years ago, you could barely turn down an aisle of the supermarket without seeing someone dressed in a ridiculous onesie. The trend sort of died out and people went back to just wearing their dressing gowns to Tesco instead of masquerading as a giant owl or rabbit.

ThinkGeek is selling the bean bag onesie for $89.99, but sorry guys, it only comes in one colour. To be honest, I’m getting some serious Yoshi vibes.

It may look a little OTT, but think about it though. How much is an average bean bag at Ikea, and does it come with the warmth of a onesie?

As the site’s description reads, the bean bag onesie has you covered for every eventuality:

“Waiting in line sucks. And if you’re into geeky fandoms, chances are that one day you’ll be forced to wait in line for a meet-and-greet, midnight premiere, or con. We’ve all envied that one person who brings a chair, but sometimes carrying around a fold-up chair is just too much (especially if you’ve managed to grab some awesome limited-edition swag). Why hasn’t someone fixed this yet?”

“Oh wait. We have. We’ve given the most comfortable clothing option a huge upgrade… or trunkgrade. Introducing the new ThinkGeek exclusive Bean Bag Onesie. Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life’s most uncomfortable dilemmas.”

It sounds pretty handy for those busy commuter trains when you’re forced to stand up. Also, imagine a hungover Sunday when your dad insists on dragging you round the local garden centre. When you’ve had enough of looking at pot plants, simply plonk your arse and snooze the day away.

Admittedly, having a giant bean bag up your backside might make it a little tough to sit down in normal chairs. I’m not sure that the average office chair or plane seat can accommodate quite such a large badunkadunk.

There’s another incentive to part with your hard-earned cash though. Anyone who buys a bean bag onesie and poses alongside the hashtag #geekfamous on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest can appear in their newsletter and to win a $100 gift card.

I’ll take 12 please!

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