Survey Reveals How Much Money You’d Give Up Your Best Friend For

How much is your friendship worth?

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We might like to pretend that nothing can split us from our best friends, but how does £131,000 sound to sweeten the deal? You’ve probably been through it all with your BFF, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t trade them in for a fat wedge in your bank account.

Asking 2,000 men and women from the UK, a survey worked out how much it would cost for them to ditch their best friend. Taking an average of the numbers, researchers revealed that £131,000 is the magic number.

Foxy Bingo is behind the findings, revealing that women would give up their best friend for £106,000 while loyal lads take a bit more persuading with an average of £180,000.

Answers varied around the country, with Liverpool being the ‘least loyal’. There, people were willing to bin their bestie for just £62,000. Up in Glasgow, your firm friend won’t wave goodbye for less than £200,000.

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Elsewhere, 15% of those asked admitted they’d bad-mouthed a friend behind their back. 11% also confessed to having a WhatsApp group that certain people are excluded from. To be honest, I thought the stats would be higher than that.

It takes a pretty dark turn when 7% said they’d flirted with a friend’s partner, and 6% owned up to taking it further and kissing them. Ooh, it’s like an episode of EastEnders.

There are some positives though. A whopping 84% said they’d lie to protect a friend and most people consider themselves to be a ‘good friend’ to have around.  

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46% claimed they know when a is feeling low, 42% think they have the perfect remedy to cheer their BFF up, and 40% maintain they’ll always make time for that special someone.

Kim Mills, Foxy Bingo’s Sponsorship & Partnerships Manager, said: “This study is a fascinating look into the nature of friendship. Although some people would sell their best friend down the river for some cash, it’s reassuring to see that most Brits value friendship and are loyal to their pals.”

Well, even if your best mate will trade you in for a cheque or try to run off with your parter, at least you know they’d probably try and cover for you if you murdered someone. Awww, isn’t that lovely?

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