Suits Spin-Off Show Pearson Releases Official First Trailer

Jessica Pearson means business in the Windy City

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USA Network is ‘suiting up’ for Suits spin-off Pearson. While we’re still sobbing into our law books that Suits is coming to an end after Season 9, there’s good news that Gina Torres will get to lead her own show.

As the co-founder of Pearson Hardman, Torres’ Jessica Pearson was already one of the best characters anyway — sorry Meghan Markle. Coming “soon”, Pearson will follow Jessica in the Windy City as she “enters the dirty world of Chicago politics.”

Jessica was never afraid to get blood on her hands in Suits, and as the first Pearson trailer shows, not much has changed.

Torres spectacularly bowed out of Suits in the Season 7 finale when she agreed to work for Chicago’s mayor. In Pearson, Jessica is clearing up the mess of the Morgan Spector’s corrupt Mayor Bobby Golec.

Pearson Trailer USA Network
USA Network

It all sounds a bit like Scandal as Jessica serves as Golec’s right-hand woman and the fixer who will dabble in the mayor’s legal (and illegal) affairs. Torres is flying the flag for female equality after living in the shadows of Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams in Suits.

Elsewhere, the Pearson trailer proves that Jessica is still a woman you wouldn’t want to mess with. When one character says, “I know you had a reputation in New York as a killer,” Pearson brilliant replies with, “Then you know what you’re up against.”

Basically, Pearson showcases the grim underside of the legal system and those at the top that made Suits such an addictive watch. Safe to say, I’ll be tuning in whenever it premieres on USA Network.

Pearson Season 1 Trailer
USA Network

While Suits is still a fan-favourite TV show, you can’t but feel it’s running out of steam these days. Personally, I blame Katherine Heigl’s addition as Samantha Wheeler as she tries to cash in on the fame of her Grey’s Anatomy days.

While audiences blindly hold out hope for a Markle cameo in Season 9 of Suits, there’s every chance Jessica could return for a final hurrah or some of the Suits gang go visit their old colleague on Pearson.

Either way, at least Aaron Korsh’s world isn’t coming to an end when the final credits roll on Suits.

[Featured Image: USA Network]

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